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Listening Lab - Feb 2020

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Waaaaaaay back in February, before COVID-19 changed the landscape, I starting hosting "Listening Labs" at the Hudson Valley Performing Arts Laboratory. The idea was to get together with others and hear some pieces by contemporary composers. My goal was to explore what new music is, introduce people to things they may not have heard before, and have a discussion. A big part was also to just listen for a bit, uninterrupted by other distractions. I'm hoping that they will continue once we can safely gather again.

Listening Lab; New Music

Presented by Eve Joslyn Madalengoitia

at the Hudson Valley Performing Arts Lab

Each of the links will take you to the video or audio of the piece played, and can also lead you to more info about the artist, performer and work. In some cases you will see the entire album (play more music!) or the artist’s profile on Bandcamp or Soundcloud. All of these are ways to hear more from the artist or record label, stream music, and purchase pieces to support the artists. 

Here’s a link to the pop-up concert that I mentioned for this Saturday in Beacon:

Zoe Keating, “Arrival, Cello, 4:34 min

Andrew Norman, “For Ashley”, Performed by Ashley Bathhate, cello, 5:08 min

Caroline Shaw, “Entr’acte”, String quartet, performed by the Attacca Quartet, 11 min

Gabriela Smith, “Carrot revolution”, String quartet, performed by the Aizuri Quartet, 11 min

------ BREAK ------

Micheal Gordon, “I Moved”, Vocal, from the album “Anonymous Man”, 10:42

Maura O’Reilly, I, II and III from “Hockets for Two Voices”, Vocal, 4 min

Timo Andres, “Art”, From the album “Work Songs”, Voices, guitar, piano, keyboard, accordion, 1:34 min

Reema Esmail, “Phenomenal Woman”, Women’s choir, 2:31 min

Hildur Gudnaduttir, “Folk faer andliit”, Vocal, 5:10 min

Listening Lab Feb 18 playlist
Download PDF • 108KB

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