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Who I am:


I am a composer and sound artist based in the Hudson Valley, New York. After many years working for local not-for-profits in fundraising, strategic planning, grants management and artist services (more here), I received a generous “Time-Out” grant from Vassar College, which has given the great opportunity to focus full time on composition and music, my primary area of study as an undergrad.  The grant has given me the time and funds to dedicate myself to this pursuit as I forge a new direction focused on music and my own creativity. 


Currently, I have been working on small chamber pieces, vocal works and electronic works with field recordings. I like working with text in both Spanish and English, and I’m drawn to pieces that have a social commentary in the text. I’m also interested in creating interactive installations, collaborating with dancers and filmmakers, and promoting the works of other contemporary composers. Follow the tabs at the top for samples of current works. 


“The World of Humanity Has Two Wings”, a collaboration with Anna Mayta of Mayta Fusion Dance Company and Maiko Hata was presented on October, 29, 2020, at Bethany Center for the Arts. Find the full Facebook LIVE event here as well as a direct link to the video of the performance.  


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