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Strategic Planning and Grant Preparation


For over 20 years I have been involved in the local community, with an emphasis on outreach, accessibility, equity and providing opportunities to those traditionally under-served. I am a very good connector of people, groups and ideas.


My experience includes work for museums, artists and arts organizations, in: 

  • Strategic planning

  • Project development 

  • Fundraising and grant writing

  • Grant review and management of applicants

What I've done:

  • Strategic Consultant for individual artists, regional arts and non-profit agencies; increased their exhibitions, public art commissions, capacity, and ability to apply for and secure funding.

  • Director of Grant Programs at Arts Mid-Hudson.  Managed the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) regrant program for Dutchess, Orange and Ulster Counties; conducted extensive outreach to increase participation by potential applicants; led workshops; helped hundreds of artists and community organizations develop solid programs and action plans to apply for and receive grant funding. Noted as a model program by NYSCA.

  • Fundraising, grant writing, marketing, exhibit and program development for the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum. During my time there, I helped establish key programs and exhibits; the museum moved from a donated space in a suburban mall to a stand alone building on the Hudson River; and visitors increased from 5,000/year to 50,000/year.

get in touch

If you need help in brainstorming a project, how to get funding, who to connect with, outreach efforts, a grant application, or in connecting the dots to make your ideas happen, please get in touch.


Fees: How much will it cost? As my mother used to say, "How big is a hole?" Maybe you need a little digging to plant a seed. Maybe you need to repopulate a forest. It all depends on what you need and what you already have, so just shoot me an email with a quick intro and we can discuss further.

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