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These works were created to accompany the exhibition: A Brave & Startling Truth / women scribe the world, at Women's Work Gallery, Poughkeepsie, NY, Nov.4 -Dec. 2, 2022. A Brave & Startling Truth / women scribe the world features portraits of women authors, created by twelve women artists. The term “portrait” is broadly interpreted across the represented disciplines for this sho — in representational, abstract, video, textual, sound, and purely conceptual forms. The sound works are available ia QR code at the gallery, or can be downloaded in advance and are meant to encourage visitors to slow down and absorb the visual art, video, textual pieces at their own pace.


a distant future

This is a site specific sound piece, to be experienced on the grounds of the Century House /Widow Jane Mine, as part of the an/aesthetics sculpture show. The piece uses sound elements to warp one’s sense of time and space -  hearing the sounds of the mine while one is in the forest, sounds of water while not near a water source, or the raucous sounds of a steam engine or locomotive that would have been common during the mine’s heyday, but are now absent. My goal is to have the aural experience combined with the visuals of walking the grounds and entering the mine,  to create a third internal experience, which may transport listeners to another time and place, or perhaps create an internal space which then becomes a type of anesthesia for them. 

This piece is meant to be experienced through headphones while exploring the site. Download it here, or click on the photo above.  The piece is about 12 minutes, feel free to play at any point as you walk along the trail.

Suggested starting points/paths are:


Start as you pass the gazebo near the entrance, walk towards the mine, explore the mine, continue on the path, past the old steam engine and past the ponds and stream.


Start at a point past the mine, farther down the path, and walk back towards the mine, the pond and the entrance to the site


FInd a spot to sit along the path and listen to the piece while thinking about the people and history that have occupied this space before you.


If this is a repeat visit, see if listening at a different location changes how you hear the piece.

Part of the an/aesthetics show, August, 2022. Listen here: A Distant Future


Sounds used include sounds recorded on site, synthesized sounds, and sounds from the BBC Sound Library; and

the lightness of being


This was set up to listen on headphones as you look out the rear windows of an old shed at on old farm, to combine listening with observing nature. See if it works for you to listen as you look outside - ideally when there’s a breeze going and you see grass moving. Part of the an/aesthetics show at Rosekill Art Farm, August, 2022



This was set up at the end of the trail under a lone dogwood tree - you followed a spiral path to get to the chair. The music played on a speaker at the chair, and was meant to create a dreamy atmosphere to engulf you as you rest at the tree and look back at the site. A nice bonus was that the chair faced west, so you were looking at the setting sun in the evening of the event. Find a spot to sit and try it out for yourself. Part of the an/aesthetics show at Rosekill Art Farm, August, 2022

short clip of installation


longer installation view

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