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Audio Walks

During the pandemic I started taking more walks in the area. Often, I took the opportunity to listen to a piece of music or album that I had been meaning to listen to, but hadn’t yet found the time. My headphones are not noise cancelling, so I would still hear birds chirping or stray sounds as I’m listening, but what has really struck me is how some music seems to go well with certain walks. I find that I notice more of the landscape and small details this way, especially if it's a trail that I’ve walked before. There is some serendipity to this as well - sometimes the music has an expansive section just as you come to a crest or a field; sometimes there is a very rhythmic section that matches your pace as you walk along. 


I invite you to try out these pieces and locations. Perhaps you will enjoy them as much as I did. Maybe you will mix and match the pieces to different places you visit - I would love to hear if you do.

The music is all by living, contemporary composers. The links take you to their Bandcamp or Soundcloud pages. If you like their music, please consider supporting them through a purchase. Check their links for more info and to follow their works. 

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