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Who I am:


I am a composer and sound artist based in the Hudson Valley, New York. After many years working for local not-for-profits in fundraising, strategic planning, grants management and artist services (more here), I received a generous “Time-Out” grant from Vassar College, which has given the great opportunity to focus full time on composition and music, my primary area of study as an undergrad.  The grant has given me the time and funds to dedicate myself to this pursuit as I forge a new direction focused on music and my own creativity. 

Artist Statement:

Movement, texture, color and atmosphere are all important elements for me to convey through my compositions. If I can use sounds to create a place that the listener can disappear into, I have succeeded. I want to create music to make you feel what it is to be human. Music for connection. I want listeners to be carried from one place to another within their own minds; to have a sense of movement, so that they feel different at the end of the piece then at the beginning. 


I like to use unexpected combinations of sounds or subject matter to take listeners on a journey. In my electronic works I use field recordings, fixed media and spoken narratives with synthesized sounds to do this. For both my electronic and instrumental works, I create pieces and their structure based on the sound of the instrument or field recording, looking for ways to create a texture, sound map or color field.


So much of music is consumed online, rather than through in-person concerts (especially during and because of COVID) and I am looking at ways to create pieces that work despite not being live. I'm interested in combining listening experiences with visual experiences, experiences in nature, and experiences through installations. I think that how or where one listens to music can change one’s perception of a space or situation. For instance looking at a piece of visual art and listening to music at the same time creates a third space that can't be achieved with one or the other on its own.  

You can listen to pieces that I've been working on through my Soundcloud page or on the menu items above. 

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